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Download Free HD (High Definition) Wallpapers for Your favorite  iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, Nokia, PSP, Tablet & other Mobile devices.  All Free Wallpapers are completely free to download and share with your family or friends. To Get Started;  Please select your preferred device or select your preferred device style and browse through many of our awesome  free  high quality wallpaper designs.  New wallpapers are added as soon as they are ready for download so be sure to visit us often to view our latest selection.  Enjoy, browsing our selection of Free Premium Wallpapers for all your favorite mobile phones and devices.  For  Help or for assistance please contact  us via  e-mail admin@spliffmobile.com or please read more about us ***Please allow up to 48hrs for us to reply to your e-mail. You can also  Sign Up for our free monthly newsletter & receive up to date notifications about all newly added wallpapers.

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Please enjoy browsing spliffmobile.com.  New wallpapers are added as soon as they are ready for download.  We are still a tiny website, but with your help and support we can grow and add more wallpapers, more often for you to download, share and most importantly enjoy on your mobile device.

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First, click on the "preview & save wallpaper'' link located at the bottom of the wallpaper image that you have selected.  Your selected wallpaper will now download completely in your browser for you to preview ***please note; it may take a few seconds for the full preview to download, depending on your internet connection & download speed.  Once completed, you should be able to see a full preview of your selected wallpaper on your screen.  When you are satisfied with your selection, please right-click on the downloaded image and select the "save file" or "save file as" option to automatically save your wallpaper to your mobile or tablet device. That's it, All Done!

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Please e-mail  all your questions, requests and comments to admin@spliffmobile.com  We absolutely love to read e-mails from our visitors and we do try our best to reply to each and every e-mail we receive.  However, please allow up to 24hrs for a reply, before sending multiple e-mails.